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Western Electric 20A aircraft receiver
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Author:  Ron Boucher [ Mar Mon 05, 2018 7:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Western Electric 20A aircraft receiver

Does anyone else out there have a W.E. 20 aircraft receiver? There are several versions but the A model was meant for base stations and doesn't come wired for crystal control.

I got mine working but it's not 100%. Had to replace all the caps and all the resistors were out of spec. There is a 6B7 used in a reflex circuit and that can be very touchy. The tube is doing several things at once so it's hard to isolate problems. I had to add a component to settle it down.

I have a schematic and ther layout is a little unorthodox but I got used to it. Looking for the manual so I can find out the purpose of some of the components.


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