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 Post subject: How I Restored a green Wrinkle finish on an WWII SCR-284
PostPosted: Feb Mon 12, 2018 10:50 pm 
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I picked up a nice SCR-284, but the outside of the case was in pretty bad shape and had bee repainted in flat OD a couple of times, so I decided to try refinishing it to match the wrinkle finish on the front panel and inside the case that was in decent shape. Just wanted to share what I did to complete the project.

2 Quarts Klean-Strip Premium Stripper
1 Quart Mineral Spirits
1 Quart Klean-Strip After Wash
2 Aerosol Cans VHT Black Wrinkle Paint
2 Aerosol Cans AJP(Army Jeep Parts)-WWII SEMI-GLOSS Rattle Can
2 Dozen Steel Wool Pads, toothpicks, nylon bristle brush.

STRIPPING THE CABINET First I removed the Radio Set from the case, removed the canvas straps (involved cutting stitching) Removed all data plates, Frequency chart etc.
Second I started the stripping process. This took some time, the first layers of paint came off pretty easy. I would pour on the stripper, which is like a thick gel, spread it around one side at a time and get it onto all the brackets, loops etc. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes then scrape off the softened paint with a plastic scraper, then switch to a steel wool pad, soaked in the stripper. (WEAR GLOVES) If you get a drop on you, you can feel the burn! Scrubbing with the steel wool pad took the paint down through the multiple layers of OD, then through the baked on original wrinkle finish, and down to bare aluminum.

This took hours to strip. I brought it to a sandblast place and they recommended not doing it because the heat generated from the blasting could warp the case and it would roughen the aluminum unevenly. Getting all the residue from the softened paint and stripper out from inside the latches D-rings, hinge, was a chore, use bamboo skewers and toothpick and compressed air.

After all the outside sections were stripped (I didn't do inside as all the schematics were affixed and the finish was good) I used the Klean strip after wash and miner spirits to wipe down and thoroughly reclean the stripped surfaces.

Applying the VHT Wrinkle Paint
I tried the lid to the SCR radio set first, figuring if I screw it up, it would be the easiest to re-strip, good thing too. I used Rust-Oleum® Professional Aluminum Primer (Bad Idea) after the primer dried I sprayed the VHT Wrinkle Finish on, following the directions, diagonally, back and forth, then reverse diagonally. Since I wanted the wrinkles to be tight like the original, I heated the area painted with a heat gun. You have to be patient, once it starts to wrinkle you keep applying heat in an ever greater circle, you'll see the wrinkles spread out word. The wrinkles were way to large, so I tried the other side without the primer first (remember I had scuffed all surfaces up pretty good while stripping with steel wool). The side without the primer took the VHT well and the wrinkles were a near perfect macth to the original finish.
So, re-stripped the bad side and refinished it with VHT and did the same to the large cabinet, I found it worked better to do one side at a time rather than the whole thing at once, really turned out well.

Then I let it all sit for three days. then I stuck it inside my oven set at 200 for an hour and a half (yes this is even after it hit it with a heat gun while painting) Stunk up the kitchen A LOT, had to run a box fan out the window to get the stink out (dropped the kitchen temp to about 40!)

Applying the AJP Semi Gloss OD Paint
This was tricky, I experimented on the sets J-48-A telegraph key cover. I found if you apply to much paint too closely you tend to smooth out wrinkle look by filling the wrinkled areas with paint. So I hung all the parts from a wire from the ceiling and shot them with multiple light coats of the OD Green Semi Gloss. This worked best and kept the wrinkle finish nice and wrinkly. I let it all dry for another three days as well. While all that was drying I spent the time cleaning the data plates and screws, rubber pieces and making a new cover to replace the yellowed frequency chart.

So here is the finished result, the color is spot on, and the wrinkle finish is very close to the original
File comment: Comparision of new and old finish
grnwrinkle3.jpg [ 123.23 KiB | Viewed 438 times ]

File comment: Best color match
grnwrinkle2.jpg [ 146.58 KiB | Viewed 438 times ]
File comment: close up of wrinkles
grnwrinkle.jpg [ 153.5 KiB | Viewed 438 times ]

Carl Reinemann
1953 Dodge M37 &M101 Trailer
WWII Crosley SCR-284
Assorted WWII military radios

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 Post subject: Re: HowI Restored a green Wrinkle finish on an WWII SCR-284
PostPosted: Feb Tue 13, 2018 9:12 am 

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Excellent result and thanks for sharing.

No good to me though as I wouldn't be allowed to use the oven :D


 Post subject: Re: HowI Restored a green Wrinkle finish on an WWII SCR-284
PostPosted: Feb Tue 13, 2018 4:54 pm 

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A hot summer day in the sun works too. I've done it both ways.

This was done in the sun last summer:

"I just might turn into smoke, but I feel fine"

 Post subject: Re: How I Restored a green Wrinkle finish on an WWII SCR-284
PostPosted: Feb Fri 23, 2018 3:29 am 

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Very nice result. I've got a few pieces of Bendix gear and need to redo the brown wrinkle. I thought of doing the same process, and now I know it can be done. Now it's just getting around to it...
For heat, I have found that a quartz floodlamp a few feet away does a nice job of bringing the wrinkle up.

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