The resistors used in the early PHILCO radios were color coded with PHILCO's own system and were of the "dog bone" type. Other manufactures like Atwater Kent also used their own unique system for color coding.  It was not until RMA (Radio Manufactures Association) established the 3 color system that became the resistor color coding of today.
Looking back, it did seem strange that PHILCO's engineers used some of the different shades of color instead of a different color.    Two shades of gray were used, Battleship Gray and Silver Gray; 2 shades of yellow, Yellow and Golden Yellow.  Other colors had fancy names like Jade Green, Auto Buff, Auto Broen and Belgian Blue.
The following is a list of these colors:
BLACK                                              10.000 ohms
BLUE                                                 13.000 ohms
AUTO BROWN + YELLOW              25.000 ohms
AUTO BUFF                                      25.000 ohms
BATTLE SHIP GRAY                      500.000 ohms
SILVER GRAY                                100.000 ohms
SILVER GRAY + YELLOW            100.000 ohms
GREEN                                                1 Megohms
JADE GREEN                                   70.000 ohms
ORANGE                                           50.000 ohms
WHITE                                             250.000 ohms
GOLDEN YELLOW                             5.000 ohms

(The colors used here are not exact)
All of these resistors appear to be 1 watt.
I think it is best to replace all resistors with 1 watt, except when a 2 watt is called for in the schematic.