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Zenith 22h698
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Author:  drmitch [ Apr Sun 25, 2010 10:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Zenith 22h698

I went to a local auction house last night with friends. The wife and I decided we needed to get out, I was hoping to see a radio I might be able to pick up cheap but you know how that goes. We had a small storm yesterday and the auction house had been flooded. When we got there to look over the things they had we were told the auction had been cancelled but we were free to look . Anyway about 20 people showed up and the auctioneer decided to go ahead with the auction so we stayed an bought the usual stuff we find for the house. Later when leaving I walked by this pretty cabinet/chest and thought how nice it was although it did need a refinish, the wood was beautiful. My friend remarked how nice it looked an reached to open it up and I said wow a radio. I got down to look at it and saw the Zenith dial with I think Microstatic tuning. and thought, Ohthis is one of those 50s consoles, probably not a high end set. Then looked at the record changer and I had never seen this, What I later think may be a Webster changer. What I thought was cool was the four folding doors in front of the speaker. The set was heavy and I couldnt get it pulled out enough to get the model # but I did see a clean chassis. Later found one pic on radiomuseum and realized it was a 22 tube set. they were asking 450.00 but may negoatiate and he said he would put it in layaway but I1ll have to study about it. ... h22b1.html

Author:  radiodoc3 [ Apr Sun 25, 2010 11:03 pm ]
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Nice sets when restored but nothing sought after. I don't know about this one but have seen some which used the dreaded photo finish.
IMO, much over $100 would be a stretch but if you can get it for what you consider a reasonable price, why not!

Author:  azenithnut [ Apr Sun 25, 2010 11:25 pm ]
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Oh, I would gladly buy it for $450! though, being a radio/phono it turns many off, but its one heck of a set!
Plus, I need to see one of those changers! maybe get some idea what parts I need for my 22H699's changer which is missing the tone arm and much of the mechanism.

heh, wish I was in Tennessee.


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