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 Post subject: Re: Ebay may be dumping Paypal for Adyen
PostPosted: Feb Mon 05, 2018 9:20 pm 
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ndiamone wrote:
Findm-Keepm wrote:
Bring back the tit-for-tat feedback
The reason they killed it in the first place was because it was getting to the point where life on eBay was descending into a mutual game of buyer and seller whack-a-mole.

Buyers were becoming increasingly picky knowing they could get eBay and PayPal to pay for their purchases over and over and over because it was cheaper for the companies to just pay them off vs waste man-hours and operations policies being dragged thru the mud over and over and over.

Sellers were starting to offload all their trash for whoever would buy it for whatever price - and same thing.

The whole affair became a stalemate with eBay left holding the bag - which they didn't like - so they had to pick a side. The side they picked was the buyers bec they are most of the membership - so it was a purely economical choice.

I think you've got it wrong.

There were too many instances of buyers being in fear of retaliation by receiving a neg bomb on their own F/B profile if they should leave anything less than a "+" F/B hit for an unworthy seller, so they simply wouldn't use the system at all, which defeated it's value.

I believe in fact that eBay more or less alluded to this, when they changed their F/B Policy, years ago.

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 Post subject: Re: Ebay may be dumping Paypal for Adyen
PostPosted: Feb Tue 06, 2018 6:54 am 

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fifties wrote:
They simply wouldn't use the F/B system at all, which defeated it's value.
And they still don't bec now the reverse is true since the public can no longer see disciplinary action being taken on sellers they r complaining that they have to go OFF of eBay and Google somebody's handle on any number of ``eBay Hell'' types of sites that have proliferated ever since then.

So they didn't solve a problem - they just made everybody have to go and research their seller at sites that eBay has no control over. user forums are full of postings that tell newbies where they are.

Not being part of or supported or controlled by eBay - all those posts immediately get removed - whereupon they immediately get put back - and so on and so on. Just goes to show you - if you thwart peoples forms of expression they will simply find a workaround and bypass you.

Just like e.g. Uber drivers that have a second cell just for repeat customers where the driver and the customer both gyps the platform out of their slice of the pie and can't do anything abt it bec the exclusivity clauses in the user aggreements were declared unconstitutional.

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