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 Post subject: How to connect Electrohome model 2003 speakers
PostPosted: Oct Thu 17, 2019 10:37 pm 
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EDIT: I found this older thread and the circuit seems pretty similar. His conclusion was that the black was ground and the two colored lines were for different frequencies. Any idea if this is the case how to hook that up to a modern system with just the +/- spots?

I am trying to figure out how to connect a pair of Electrohome 2003 speakers to a modern stereo receiver. I know very little about audio. What I do know is that the cabinets are marked as 8ohm which matches my receiver. But each cabinet has three wires which lead to some type of an internal crossover circuit and then on to the two smaller speakers in each cabinet. There is a potentiometer attached to this circuit and I'm really not sure what that does.

At the crossover, the red and green thin wires (from the plug) connect across an inductor and the thin black wire seems to connect to a shared ground with the black wires for each of the two speakers in the cabinet. The thick red wire that comes off the potentiometer goes to the tweeter and the thick green wire off the post connected to a couple capacitors goes to the bigger speaker in the cabinet. Any help and understanding on how to connect this to a modern reciever (where each speaker is a +/- pair) would be greatly appreciated. The more I look at the circuit the more I wonder if maybe electrohome put part of the crossover circuit in their stereo units (to avoid people using their speakers with other systems) is that possible?

Thank you for taking a look!

 Post subject: Re: How to connect Electrohome model 2003 speakers
PostPosted: Oct Sat 19, 2019 10:05 am 
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I will take a shot at it. It seems like the red and green wire are the positive or plus connection for both speakers,
so if you connect them together, and then to your +, and the black to the -, you should have sound.

Please be aware that this speakers take very little power to driver them, and may also, not have the fidelity
You are used to!

let us know how it goes :)

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