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 Post subject: Sealed can-style tuning & osc coil ID?
PostPosted: Feb Fri 23, 2018 3:33 am 

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I'm slowly working my way through drawing out the schematic of this cursed early 40's US Philips - a 6 valve "AA6"-like design with local / DX BCB & 2 SW bands - and I'm on the last (& hardest) leg: the band switching and sealed tuning & oscillator coils.

This is the oscillator can from the top of the chassis. It's labelled "13-332" and "69 CHASSIS FINAL":
IMG_0769.jpg [ 114.87 KiB | Viewed 432 times ]

And this is the RF tuning coil can from the bottom - in the first pic it's the can under the mezzanine that holds the antenna coupler & 12SK7/6SS7 RF amp:
IMG_0767.jpg [ 113.42 KiB | Viewed 432 times ]

There's a total of 12 connections laid out like this:
   |  |  *  |  |
   |  |  *  |  |

with "|" being solder tags & * being flying wires. The 12th connection is another flying wire from the anode of the RF amp that enters through a hole in the top.

The osc can pinout is almost identical except it only has 10 connections - just 1 flying wire at the bottom and no top wire.

Since all the other original bits of this radio are standard US parts - Stancor power & output transformers, C-D caps, etc- I'm hoping that these cans are too, and that someone recognises them and can suggest likely pinouts (or, dare I hope, point to a datasheet? ;))

Otherwise I'm going to have to try and nut it all out and probably end up having to pull at least one of them to open & see. I'd rather not do that, since the oscillator can is right under the front of the dual-wafer bandswitch & the tuning coil can requires removing the mezzanine (and is screwed to it from inside the can, so I-don't-know-it's-all-a-bit-chicken-and-egg...)


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