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 Post subject: Sad News from the Finger Lakes- SK - Jim Hardesty
PostPosted: Jun Thu 17, 2021 5:26 pm 
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It is with great sadness that I am sharing news of the passing of a
dear friend and fellow Collector/Historian.

Jim Hardesty passed away on Wednesday, June 9th after a long illness.

Jim was 75 years young and was known as the go-to historian for anything
involving high voltage and/or Tesla.

Jim lived in Trumansburg, NY and is survived by his loving wife of 47
years, Judy Hardesty.

Jim was a kind, loving husband, father, and grandfather.

Judy worked closely with Jim and their shared research projects were
truly a cooperative effort and labor of love.

Even though not affected by contracting COVID, the past year proved to
be a true struggle to survive and a lonely time for Jim and Judy.
We had hoped to visit Jim and work with him on new projects this summer.

Those AWA members who were fortunate to attend the Antique Wireless Conference
will never forget the show he put on in 1989 at the Sheraton Hotel in Canandaigua.
Jim set up his large Tesla coil in the ballroom, and when he fired up the coil, the wallpaper
which was imbedded with metal threads, immediately exhibited arcing between the
threads! There were even a few members who received shocks when the HV arced
from the wallpaper to their bodies as they stood in the tightly packed room!

Jim was a great teacher, experimenter, historian and collector. He built and helped
many collectors build Tesla coils, and gave many speeches and presentations on the
correct method & materials used in construction.

I traveled extensively with Jim throughout the West and we even ended up traipsing
thru Europe together in search of early electrical apparatus and books.
Jim truly looked and acted the character of Doctor Volts!

His seminars were always well attended and at the end of each talk, there would be
a line of people waiting to ask him for his thought on one topic or another, or for his
help in designing a Tesla coil.

Jim had many talents, and was an artist known for his Chinese painting.
A constant search for knowledge took him to China where he learned the language
and customs while living among the Sherpa's in the mountains.

He lived life with an unending passion to learn and share his wisdom with any
willing student. He taught at Cornell University for many years and was always a
great favorite with his students.

The AWA Museum is fortunate to have recently acquired one of his large static
machines which will be used in the future for electrical demonstrations.
We also have one of his breadboard receivers on display up in the AWA Library.

He is and will be missed by many, including his friends in amateur
radio, since he had his license for decades.

73 Jim and Felicia Kreuzer N2GHD KA2GXL

 Post subject: Re: Sad News from the Finger Lakes- SK - Jim Hardesty
PostPosted: Jun Fri 18, 2021 12:47 am 
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I am sorry to hear of Jim's passing. Rest in peace.

I was present at one of his Tesla coil demonstrations at the AWA conference in Canandaigua in September, 1988. It was a spectacular show!


 Post subject: Re: Sad News from the Finger Lakes- SK - Jim Hardesty
PostPosted: Jun Fri 18, 2021 2:18 am 
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Rest in Peace Jim...

This AWA member remembers one of Jim's demonstrations where members gathered early to the meeting room and promptly took the first rows.

Too bad I did not have a movie camera. As Jim's demonstrations got under way, very subtle at first. Jim politely advised the first three rows to move back, many thought he was kidding.

Well moments after the switch was thrown and the rotary gap got up to speed Jim hit the high voltage. The torus on the top of the coil threw out a huge buzzing arc thicker than the body of a man over the heads of the first rows. Dancing to the grids of the drop ceiling brightly lighting the overhead fluorescent lamps. I have never seen grown men move so fast unless it was for free beer... I was beside myself with laughter. Well done Jim :lol:

List' & I will Enchant Thine Ear

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