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 Post subject: Re: What media did you last buy??
PostPosted: Nov Fri 15, 2019 3:43 pm 
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PArt 2

14. Columbia red. In love in vain, there is good blues tonight.
Columbia. The song from Moulin Rouge, Swedish Rhapsody.
Columbia. I see 1 million people, the count.
Columbia. Autumn nocturne, snowfall.
Columbia. Someone else’s roses, Kay muleta.
Columbia. Go, I’ll follow you.
Columbia. Come to baby do, do you won’t be satisfied.
Columbia. Walking the night away, a woman in love.
(2)Columbia. There must be a reason, Someday.
Columbia. Adios amigo, make love to me.
Columbia. The kids last fight, long distance love.
Columbia. Paths of paradise, parade of the broken hearts.
Columbia. Doing what comes naturally, I got lost in his arms.
Columbia. I got a gal I love, that’s how much I love you.
Columbia. My cousin Luella, what do I do.
Columbia. All the time, love on a Greyhound bus.
Columbia. That’s the beginning of the end, ManaguaNicaragua.
Columbia. Orchids in the moonlight, temptation.
Columbia. Anna Barraco Tinde, yo ta namora.
Columbia. Symphony, my guys come back.
Columbia. I’ll get by, Flatbush Flanagan.
Columbia. I’ll be around, I love the way you say good night.
Columbia. As years go by, the echo said no.
Columbia.Little girl, takin Miss Mary to the ball.
Columbia. Never, once.
Columbia. You would be so nice to come home too, I am so so so so so in love.
Columbia. All or nothing at all, flash.
15. Columbia red continued.
Columbia. Brahms lullaby, where will the temple be.
Columbia. Sioux City Sue, I don’t mean a word I said.
Columbia read continued.
Columbia. Brahms lullaby, where will the temple be.
Columbia. Sioux City Sue, I didn’t mean a word I said.
Columbia. Sleepy lagoon, trumpet blues.
Columbia. Bellbottom trousers, can’t you read between the lines.
Columbia. Moonglow, show me the way to get out of this world.
Columbia. Come to me bend to me, Peg o my heart.
Columbia. Larry Adler harmonica virtuoso Rhapsody in blue, side two.
Columbia. Bolero, I’ve got you under my skin.
Columbia. Smoke gets in your eyes, the continental.
Columbia. Oh what a sad sad day, Mr. midnight.
Columbia. Prince charming, velvet moon.
Columbia. Tell me, Moonlight Bay.
Columbia. I’ve got a gal in Kalamazoo, serenade in blue.
Columbia. Poor butterfly, the sheik.
Columbia. Id give a million tomorrows, slap her down again Paw.
Columbia. Funny thing, my pretty shoo-gah.
Columbia. There must be a reason, someday.
Columbia. Every night about this time, strip polka.
Columbia. A sinner kissed an angel, you made me love you.
Columbia. The dance of the blue Danube, the trumpets have triplets.
Columbia. How do I know it’s real, who wouldn’t love you.
Columbia. Smoke gets in your eyes, them there eyes.
Columbia. Old shoes, in the beginning.
Columbia. Paths of Paradise, parade of broken hearts.
Columbia. Day by day, oh what it seemed to be.
Columbia. The thunder, eL Capitan.
Columbia. Tropical merengue, we won’t say goodbye.
Columbia. Kay muleta, Someone else’s roses.
Columbia yellow label. Early bird, I’ll stay in the house.

Record box 3.
16. Victor black label. A slip of the lip, sentimental Lady.
Victor. Dirty hands dirty face, my sweetie went away.
Victor. Here we go again, long time no see baby.
Victor. I lost my job again, chicory chick.
Victor. The trolly Song, the very thought of you.
Victor. Let’s get close, happy go lucky.
Victor. All for love, easy to love.
Victor. Sherry I love you, the Little White House.
Victor. My dream of the big parade, the prisoners sweetheart.
Victor. The 32 counties, Kalarney.
Victor. From another world, it never entered my mind.
Victor. You can cry on somebody else’s shoulder, the bells of St. Mary’s.
Victor gold label. You ain’t heard nothing yet, rose of Washington Square.
Victor. Chipped. The Life of a rose, I love you.
Victor. Who’s baby are you, left all alone again blues.
Victor. Mickey, kisses.
Victor. Mr. Gallagher and Mr Shean, Parade of the wooden soldiers.
RCA Victor black label. The one that I am, the gypsy.
RCA Victor. Forever Amber, my sin.
RCA Victor. For sentimental reasons, it’s all over now.
RCA Victor. Cynthias in love, Strange love.
RCA Victor. Mr. and Mississippi, a trinket of shiny gold.
RCA Victor. That’s my desire, red silk stockings and green perfume.
RCA Victor. Ave Maria, bless this house.
RCA Victor. The crawl, drink hearty.
(2)Victor red label. giannina mia, The donkey serenade.
Victor. pavanne, The toy trumpet.
Victor. Ritual fire dance, dance of terror.
Victrola red label. Juanita, an old Madrid.
His masters voice red label. Set dances, March O’Sullivan mor.
His masters voice. The mountains of Pompeii, the blue hills of Antrim.
RCA Victor red label. I’ll never love you, be my love.
RCA Victor. Hora staccato, none but the lonely heart.
RCA Victor purple label. My lagan love, Galway Bay.
RCA Victrola. strada del dosco, soli soli nella notte.
Victor blue label. Ma and the auto, it couldn’t be done wait till your part comes home.
RCA Victor color label. Heaven was never like this, I need you now.
17. 16. Victor small Gold label. Somebody else took you out of my arms, Walk Jenny walk. Victor. Say it again, innocent eyes.
Victor. Soothing, night.
Victor. Sad Hawaiian sea, hula hula dream girl.
Victor. Dearest, way down yonder in New Orleans.
Victor. Wonder if she’s lonely too, I never had a mammy.
Victor. Tomorrow, you gave me your heart.
Victor. Falling, burning sands.
Victor. All that I need is you, granny you are my Mammys Mammy.
Victor. I am all broken up over you, I’m somebody nobody loves.
Victor. Nobody knows but my pillow and me, I never miss the sunshine.
Victor. Tutankhamen, down by the river.
Victor. Linger a while, Hollywood.
Victor. I don’t care what you used to be, oh how I miss you tonight.
RCA Victor small black label. Single saddle, riders in the sky.
18. RCA Victor. Some in chanted evening, Bali hai.
RCA Victor begin the begin, frenzy.
RCA Victor. I want to know you better than I do, on the boardwalk in Atlantic City.
Victor gold label. It’s 12 you, never in 1 million years.
Victor record gold label. Your picture says remember all your letter says forgot, Cheer up cherries will soon be ripe.
Victor record small gold label. Stop stop stop, song of the English chappie.
Victor record. When the midnight choo-choo leaves for Alabam, Casey Jones went down on the Robert E Lee.
Victor record. Uncle Josh in a department store, uncle Josh’s second visit to the metropolis. Victor large gold label. Somebody, biddy (Big chip).
Small black victor label. Little man with the candy, oh look at me now.
Victor. Kalamazoo, at last.
Victor. They’ll soon be a rainbow, goodbye Sue.
Victor. Dancing in the dark, Poinicana.
Victor. In the blue of evening, it’s always you.
Victor. Chloe, do nothing till you hear from me.
Victor. It must be jelly, rainbow Rhapsody.
Victor. Serenade in blue, that’s sabotage.
Victor VE small gold label. Baby feet go pitter patter, after we kiss.

I'm not a hoarder.. I am a collector of piles of stuff. :)

 Post subject: Re: What media did you last buy??
PostPosted: Nov Thu 21, 2019 5:22 pm 
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I was given about 90 78s a month ago...only 5 were cracked/chipped. Not bad. As far as last purchased, it would be the 30th anniversary vinyl (green) record of Mannheim Steamroller's "Christmas" Lp.

"I'll do the thinnin' around here!"-Quickdraw McGraw

 Post subject: Re: What media did you last buy??
PostPosted: Nov Fri 29, 2019 3:41 am 

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Frank Sinatra - Ultimate Christmas - 2 Green Translucent Disc Edition

Looks like it's selling fast.

Frank Sinatra - Ultimate Christmas.jpg
Frank Sinatra - Ultimate Christmas.jpg [ 272.36 KiB | Viewed 697 times ]
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