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 Post subject: Vintage Background Music Vinyl/Cartridges
PostPosted: Oct Sat 14, 2017 2:05 am 
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I got reminded by a video from RadioTVPhonoNut (a fellow legally blind guy) that features Choice Magazine Listening on 10-inch discs at 8 RPM - which had previously been published on 12 inch discs at 16 RPM that I have (or had - aven't looked in years) several copies of Christian Record Talking Magazine that - like CML were originally supplied on 12-inch discs at 16 RPM - which have the monthly musical selection at 33 and the rest of the magazine at 16,

About halfway thru the first side and about halfway thru the second side you get the same type of announcement as at the beginning of the CML disc - two in order to introduce the song (one at 16 and the reverse announcement at 33 followed by the song and the announcement to return to 16 for the rest of the side) and one more after the song at 16 confirming you've returned to that speed for the rest of the side.

The other side repeats in the same manner.

Usually saving the musical selections for their Annual Music Album supplied at 33 - they had an experimental one in the late 60's all at 16 which I thought was funny because all the rest of the 16 RPM commercial music discs had already passed their heyday in the 50s and very early 60s.

Apart from the various subsciption-only background music discs that went on until the mid `80s - this was probably the last 16 RPM music disc ever produced.

I thought it was funny too that the e.g. Seeburg and Rowe etc discs went straight from 16 RPM in 1986 to special-format CD (37.5 KHz sample rate 12 bit) without going to tape inbetween (except briefly for Rowe/CustoMusic and their 4-track mono 1-7/8 IPS MusiCarts.

I worked projection at a cineplex which long ago was allowed to keep all its' 16 RPM discs (and other chains that were allowed to keep their 1-7/8 IPS Rowe cartridges) - so that's where I got my huge collections of both of those at.

One day after Christmas 1986 which was the last run of 16 RPM and the last run of Rowe cartridges they showed up to take em all away (this was back in the days when each house had to have its' own player for lic reasons even tho all the discs and tapes got cycled between all the houses regardless) - I had found the original company agreements to let the theatres keep `em - and they just shrugged - dropped off a case of players and about 1,000 CD's - said Have Fun - and split.

30 years later I'm finally getting around to transferring them.

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