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 Post subject: 78's from the 50's and Great-Nephew in Charter Film School
PostPosted: Sep Mon 03, 2018 8:26 pm 

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My ten year old great-nephew is in Charter Academy (goes year-round) studying film - and the assignment was to make a music video.

I had stored away his late Great Granddad's library of 78s from the postwar period and he got to dragging around my basement looking for ideas for the video and ``accidentally'' came across these books of records - and the player ``mysteriously'' in perfect working condition laying over in a corner seemingly untouched for almost 70 years.

One afternoon around a month ago I start hearing old scratchy music emanating from my basement. Among all the schmaltz (Jo Stafford - Once to Every Heart) (Joni James - You're Foolin' Someone) and retoolings of old Gay-90's numbers (Guy Mitchell - Doll with a Sawdust Heart) was this record I hadn't even remembered was in it (Guy Mitchell - Ninety Nine Years)

I called my brother (his Granddad) and had him bring up all OUR Granddad's records on YouTube (the same ones he was listening to in my basement) - and bet him a hundred dollars that he was either gonna choose the prison song or the doll song - cuz he got into Barbershop last year when Junior Football was full and he needed an extra class.

His Granddad was just as sure he was gonna choose the Jo Stafford or the Joni James or something entirely different.

My brother lost the bet.

Grand-nephew's video concept is - He's a detective working on a case - falling asleep at his desk listening to the reruns of the CBS Radio Drama Hour that plays on many AM news stations across the country every Sunday night.

He has a nightmare - which is this video - filmed in black and white - bec everybody knows you don't dream in color - and allowing for the song's date not to be an issue - wakes up with a start with a possible resolution to the case.

It turns out to be the right one - the fictitious Metronome Pictures comes calling and wants to make a movie about it - he pitches this concept and gets his option picked up. But he still moonlights as a detective.

His Mom was none to happy about the subject matter - but it's too late as it's already in the can and turned in. She likes it a little better though when it wins Best In School two weeks ago Friday night at the awards - especially when the kid is not expecting it to even be on the awards list at all.

Fast forward to last Friday night - All-State Music Competitions are announced - $5,000 per participant and a week's stay in Hollywood plus RT plane and incidentals next May.

Right away he's back in my basement dragging through all the rest of the 78s - and after a handful of Sinatra schmaltz (I'm A Fool to Want You) - he puts the Joni James and Jo Stafford back on - over and over and over.

I said `Hmmmmmm'. He and his Dad, Mom and Granddad just got here for Labor Day barbecue and my brother comes over and holds his hand out. I play stupid and he nudges me `The bet?' I laugh and give him half of the hundred bucks back and say It's a tie. He laughs and we promptly use up both halves at the market to supply the barbecue.

We get back and start to set up and I said `What made you think you - a boy - could get Jo Stafford or Joni James tearjerkers past your twice baked and hard boiled Dad and Granddad?'' and he said `If Sinatra can get away with a weepy ballad about his wife that his lyricist had to save him from committing suicide over it (he was found knocked out on his floor by Jimmy van Heusen - gassed up by the unlit stove in front of him) - then I can get away with this. Besides - all kinds of hard boiled and twice-baked guys are doing weepers anymore.''

He still wants to do the Doll number for the Barbershop Quartet competition though so we'll see.

I just shook my head.

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