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 Post subject: Re: TV-2/U repair
PostPosted: Dec Sat 08, 2018 1:14 am 
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Techy, why don't you just build one of these?? You'll actually learn a lot more. :). seriously ... 021917.pdf

Preserving the hist. of electronics, one boat anchor at a time! :)

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 Post subject: Re: TV-2/U repair
PostPosted: Dec Sat 08, 2018 1:31 am 

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HI Jimmy,

Thanks for the thoughts. I agree with what you are saying and I appreciate the links to the readings.

I'm having a blast relearning me EE fundamentals and learning the analog electronics. I graduated in 1985 with my BSME, so most of my EE learning was in that transition period of integrated circuitry and analog control. I glanced at the articles and I will enjoy reading them.

Hey Barry - ya never know...I might go to the Jugando tester (I am familiar with the article). I've never claimed to demonstrate sanity - a matter of fact - being touched is one of my better points. I think I will eventually get a eTracer - it's much easier to take/record data. The Jugando tester also takes up too much bench space. I think an eTracer and a very good operating TV-2/U would be a good combination for testing and characterization of vacuum tubes. I really don't need speed for can be noted by the progress I've made on this project.

I have fixed my Eico and Heathkit VTVM's and my Eico667 tube tester. I am slowly building an Eico 615 to go with the 667. I just need a good handle for the octal socket (I'm thinking about the handle on the Eico 615 cable - which is the same as the Eico CRA). The Eico 667 has all sorts of warts, but it has some good points (like measuring resistance at a reasonable voltage). I do have to check the set up with the tube manual to insure that the chart is "right."

In all seriousness; I had a buddy who passed away and gave me a big share of his electronics shop. The stuff he gave me has good bones (like this TV-2) but none of it works. I think my next project will be restoring a ZM-3/U capacitor tester. I might then work on a 1950X Silvertone radio.

I have my Fluke 8502a meter working but it needs to be calibrated. My Fluke 8860a just gave me a error message and I'll have to figure that out. I have a lambda model 50 power supply (multi volt for testing vacuum tube equipment) that weighs more than my wife and must have 20 tubes in it (a bit scary) that needs to be fixed as well as a 5000V power supply that easily weighs 150 lbs (220V - I haven't looked at it very close).

I have to get to a base level of functionality in my shop before I tackle this tube tester. It looks pretty straight forward though. Maybe when I get my Lambda 50 working I can figure out how to use this for the Jugando tube analyzer. I have years of projects.

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