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 Post subject: Audiotronics Amplifier/Speaker 210 The Sound Booster
PostPosted: Oct Sat 19, 2019 3:10 pm 

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I saw this item on the Goodwill auction site and since I had an Audiotronics 312T classroom record player that I came to respect(along with a Newcomb EDT 20b) I became intrigued with it and did some research…there is virtually no information on the web about this item except for a few sellers trying to unload this thing. There are 4 of these on eBay with prices ranging from $60 to $125. Nobody was bidding on them and there was no history of sold items either. What gives…is it that bad? I was very curious.
The asking price was $9.99 at GW and on a whim I bid the $9.99…I was the only bidder and with shipping it came to $23. It was packaged very well and I got in 2 days. It was a little dirty and had some scuff marks but overall it was in good shape. Date code indicates it was a 1982 model, USA made, and it is solid state. It has just a power switch, volume and tone controls. It has inputs for Aux and Mike and an output for another speaker. The dual coned speaker is the same 6” X 9” as my record player. It’s rated as 15 watts. Weighs just 10 lbs. It has the plain brown vinyl covering that used to be called Dupont Fabrikoid I believe.
After cleaning the pots and the input connectors it worked as advertised…it boosted the audio output considerably. The sound is identical to the Audiotronics 312T (also solid state). Volume on the record player needs to be about 2/3’s and then you adjust volume on the amp accordingly. Tape recorders, radios, portable CD players, anything with low power can be boosted in mono provided you have all the mono adapters.
Plugged in a microphone and it too worked well. In fact the mike and aux inputs can be used simultaneously …sort of a primitive Karaoke machine.
This would be a nice addition in a large room…not sure how much I will use it but it may come in handy. It may work as a small guitar amp for some kid starting out… I had no instrument to test with.
Overall I was impressed with it despite its limitations…it’s not tube and it’s not hi fidelity but it does do its job in boosting sound. Now I can take comfort that there will be information about this on the web and I will be responsible for it for better or worse.

Auditronic-Sound1.jpg [ 95.42 KiB | Viewed 1466 times ]
Auditronic-Sound3.jpg [ 82.07 KiB | Viewed 1466 times ]
Auditronic-Sound2.jpg [ 142.93 KiB | Viewed 1466 times ]
 Post subject: Re: Audiotronics Amplifier/Speaker 210 The Sound Booster
PostPosted: Oct Sat 19, 2019 5:28 pm 

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This kind of thing was common in the late 1940s through early 1950s for use with 16mm sound projectors. Some of the cheaper models had low-power amplifiers (3-4 watts), OK for a classroom but needing a "power speaker" to be used in an auditorium. I have an Ampro Power Speaker from 1949. It has P-P 6V6s driving a 12" speaker with a jack for another speaker. I clipped the 4 ohm input load resistor and I use it with an iPhone or iPod for music plenty loud. The Ampro Power Speaker looks similar to the OPs Audiotronics unit in general layout, after accounting for its earlier style.


 Post subject: Re: Audiotronics Amplifier/Speaker 210 The Sound Booster
PostPosted: Sep Tue 14, 2021 10:27 pm 
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Just came across this post and I have a Audiotronics 210 amplifier/speaker from a church with 4 "Soundolier C803 Coaxial Loudspeaker 8 ohm" each with 70.7 V Line transformers with the following connections- C 5W 2W 1W .5W.

How do I get from point "A" to points "D, E, F, G"?

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