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 Post subject: Re: The old 2 MHz boat radios - what to do ?
PostPosted: Jan Sun 28, 2018 2:47 pm 

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wazz wrote:
Crystal control of transmit might not be a total problem assuming you can get crystals to work with these radios. The hams that work AM on the HF bands tend to hang around just a few frequencies and you could probably get away with one or two crystals per band, selected for the AM watering holes, and get some use out of the things there. OF course you would be expected to tweek the modulators for "hi fi" AM quality to fit in with the elites! No carbon mics or tinny comm audio!


It's not all HiFi audio.... My BC-610 has never had anything but a stock, military carbon mike on it.
And the audio circuitry delivers communications quality (i.e., 300-3000 cycle audio) as well... No FAA transformers for flat audio on board!
Back when I lived in 4 Land and lost power during a storm, I ran the BC-610 on a backup generator.
This introduced all sorts of weird power artifacts: The guys said the combination of all of the above, plus running the standard military VFO plugs ins, made the signal quality sound like what would be expected from some Third World propaganda station!
One of the locals grinds FT-243 crystals for 3880 and 3885... I have several here that are going into Pearce-Simpsons (and one in my Viking 500 for 3885... May shoe horn one into the BC-610 as well)... All I need then is the receiver xtals, and I've found those.
Oh, and maybe some 3870's also. The locals (PNW) tend to bounce between those three frequencies.


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