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 Post subject: Ebay seller ships wrong item, on purpose?
PostPosted: Jan Tue 30, 2018 8:09 pm 

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Ordered a board kit for a Samsung smart tv for a very good price. The seller gave the model number in his description, which is the model I needed the boards for. He shipped a set of boards for a totally different set, that was for "Hospitality" models and different model number. The board he sent me have the original model sticker off of the set the boards came out of which is totally different than what I ordered. I filed a return order with ebay, few minutes later I get a refund notice applied to my pay pal account. Nothing about a return label or anything. WTH?!

 Post subject: Re: Ebay seller ships wrong item, on purpose?
PostPosted: Jan Tue 30, 2018 8:12 pm 
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The seller may have assumed a return on your part.

Definitely some communication is in order.

 Post subject: Re: Ebay seller ships wrong item, on purpose?
PostPosted: Jan Tue 30, 2018 10:35 pm 

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I think the seller just refunded you your purchase and doesn't expect the boards to be shipped back. Sometimes the item isn't worth the return shipping costs which would be paid by the seller since he made an error.

Why would you think he shipped the wrong item on purpose???

 Post subject: Re: Ebay seller ships wrong item, on purpose?
PostPosted: Jan Tue 30, 2018 11:48 pm 

Joined: Feb Thu 08, 2007 2:32 pm
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Another buyer may have gotten your order and seller realizes his mistake, sent a refund. Now you can sell the boards, win, win situation.

 Post subject: Re: Ebay seller ships wrong item, on purpose?
PostPosted: Feb Mon 05, 2018 9:33 am 

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Online platforms do this all the time - as previously stated - 90% of the time the profit made on the item disappears if the guy issues a refund AND a return label. The seller just writes it off as a cost of doing business - hikes up the price to the rest of his buyers to cover it and life goes on.

It certainly doesn't help matters any over the fact that online sales sites are also 90% the same Chinese knockoff goods as you see in any similar type of real world environment from 10,000 different sellers all trying to out-hawk each other selling different versions of the exact same mdse is one more reason by both online as well as offline selling has gone down the tubes in such a severe fashion lately.

It's the same as the days when both buyers and sellers were trying to get eBay and PayPal to buy them BOTH out. Or their bank. Or their credit card company. Or the e.g. Visa/MC network. or the POS terminal owner. Or the processing company attached to it. Etc etc etc.

So if e.g. eBay or PayPal won't give em a refund and let em keep the mdse like Amazon does - then they just file one chargeback through their bank another one thru the payment processor, a third one through the terminl mfger a fourth thru the software and programming people, a fifth thru MC/Visa and so on and so on.

Nobody ever feels the slightest bit of guilt for taking advantage of a corporation if ``the penny would drop'' on even ONE of these scenarios nevermind two or even three or four since none of `em ever check back in woth the other ones - people treat it like winning money off a scratch off at the 7-Eleven.

And OTHER people do it so many times that banks/credit uniions etc won't even take em anymore. Then they hire lawyers to sue over discrimination on e.g psych basis and get money on top of THAT money bec corps don;t want the bad publicity.

People have been trying to get great big deep pocket corps to fund their lifestyle since the Dawn of the Industrial Revolution a hundred years ago.

Not only don't I see it slowing down anytime soon - i see it getting worse and worse and worse until some version of the post-economic civilization you see in sci-fi movies shows up and makes the whole thing irrelevant - like `back in the days right after they figured out how to make gold from scratch quickly easily and cheaply.''

Everybody's gold was all of a sudden worthless other than as art - and this kind of scenario is going to force the same scenario on every other kind of good or service on the planet.

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