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 Post subject: Re: What media did you last buy??
PostPosted: Dec Mon 10, 2018 8:40 am 
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Joined: Jul Tue 28, 2009 10:52 pm
Posts: 457
Location: Stephenson County IL. 61032
hmm, lets see. I bought 15 lp's, 2 8-tracks and 2 cassettes this weekend, 2 weeks ago I picked up 20 lps and around 6 8-tracks. My album collection is getting too big :lol: ... Probably have well over 500 lp's around here.

 Post subject: Re: What media did you last buy??
PostPosted: Dec Sun 30, 2018 6:21 am 

Joined: Nov Wed 04, 2015 4:04 am
Posts: 343
Location: Winfield, MO
Mixed lot of Edison cylinders.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Jan Mon 28, 2019 2:10 am 
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Joined: Oct Mon 05, 2009 10:14 am
Posts: 419
I last went to an estate sale and got 2 cassettes :)

1) Scott joplin himself: RAGTIME
2) Moody Blues - Question of Balance (First 1970 Ampex release)

 Post subject:
PostPosted: May Sat 11, 2019 8:19 pm 
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Joined: Oct Mon 05, 2009 10:14 am
Posts: 419
The other day I got an 8 track :)

THE ORIGINAL HIT PERFORMANCES: The late 30s and Middle 40s (I have tape 2 in the set also (Mid 40s to early 50s) -- I have the set on record also.....

Absolutely goregous sounding!!!!!

 Post subject: Re: What media did you last buy??
PostPosted: May Sat 11, 2019 9:42 pm 

Joined: Jan Mon 04, 2010 2:52 am
Posts: 4521
I recently purchased a 45 RPM record on eBay of the 1969 hit "I'm Gonna Make You Mine" by Lou Christie.

 Post subject: Re: What media did you last buy??
PostPosted: May Sat 18, 2019 9:37 pm 
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Joined: Nov Fri 10, 2006 12:24 am
Posts: 2946
Location: Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Didn't buy... I was given dozens of prerecorded cassette tapes (mostly 1980's pop music) by a friend! ...just at the time I was about to dump all my semi-vintage cassette gear and tapes (to make space) and concentrate on vinyl LP's. Anyway, I've now kept a few of the better cassettes, refurbished a decent Marantz player to use, and sold the rest of the cassettes "for a song" :-)

Roger Jones,
Thornhill, Ontario
Ontario Vintage Radio Assoc.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: May Thu 30, 2019 3:56 am 
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Joined: Oct Mon 05, 2009 10:14 am
Posts: 419
I last got an 8 track :)

Led Zeppelin - First album (I also have the record)

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 Post subject: Re: What media did you last buy??
PostPosted: Jun Tue 04, 2019 12:34 am 

Joined: Jan Mon 04, 2010 2:52 am
Posts: 4521
I played the 45 RPM record 'Nobody' by Sylvia last week which I recently ordered on eBay, and it happened to be in mint condition.

 Post subject: Re: What media did you last buy??
PostPosted: Jun Wed 05, 2019 10:10 pm 
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Joined: Oct Sun 18, 2009 5:38 am
Posts: 3417
Location: Tyler, Texas 75707-4212
Last I bought was a LP released this past March or April I believe of a young rising star from a nearby town. Probably going to make it in the music world, I believe. Album name is "Texas Honey" by Ally Venable Band, featuring of course, the young lady Ally Marie Venable. Texas native from Kilgore, about 12 miles from my home. She just turned 20 and I attended a birthday bash at a little venue called the Back Porch. Genre is Blues Rock I suppose. Merchandise was available at the show, and she autographed it for me. Some are comparing her to SRV. She covers a few of his songs, and writes her own as well. Very nice young lady. Seems talented to me.


I'm right 97% of the time. Who cares about the other 4%!

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Jun Thu 20, 2019 10:43 pm 
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Joined: Oct Mon 05, 2009 10:14 am
Posts: 419
I last got a record,8 track and cassette :)

1) 8 TRACK: Crosby stills and Nash - 4 way street
2) CASSETTE: Crosby Stills and Nash - 4 way street
3) RECORD: A 45 - Nicolette Larson - Lotta love (Radio station copy (stereo/mono))

 Post subject: Re: What media did you last buy??
PostPosted: Jun Thu 20, 2019 10:51 pm 
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Joined: Dec Thu 06, 2007 11:54 pm
Posts: 3027
Location: Hayward, California USA
Animal/Cannibal 2-CD combo, by Kesha. Great dance songs!

Quote: (Antique TV collecting) always seemed to me to be a fringe hobby that only weirdos did.

 Post subject: Re: What media did you last buy??
PostPosted: Jul Tue 02, 2019 11:02 pm 

Joined: Mar Thu 19, 2009 4:00 pm
Posts: 502
Location: Mid Michigan
50 78s. 20s hot dance and jazz.


 Post subject: Re: What media did you last buy??
PostPosted: Jul Wed 03, 2019 1:57 am 
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Joined: Dec Sat 24, 2011 9:17 pm
Posts: 7638
Location: Vancouver Island, Canada
Phonojim wrote:
50 78s. 20s hot dance and jazz.

Got some titles that are special?

Dude111, I learned recently, It's Gonna take a lotta Love, is written by Neil Young. I think he passed it off to the right singer. 8)
And they both have gotten a ton of royalties, I'm sure, good tune.

Watch the doughnut, not the hole.
Burl Ives, RIP, oldtimer.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Jul Sat 13, 2019 10:51 pm 
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Joined: Oct Mon 05, 2009 10:14 am
Posts: 419
Wow 50 Jimmy???

Thats very good!!!

 Post subject: Re: What media did you last buy??
PostPosted: Jul Sun 14, 2019 12:52 am 
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Joined: Nov Mon 06, 2017 7:45 pm
Posts: 856
Location: Sherwood, Oregon
Country Casanova by Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen. Rare CD version.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Aug Sat 03, 2019 2:20 pm 
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Joined: Oct Mon 05, 2009 10:14 am
Posts: 419
Yes westcoastjohn I think your right :)

I last got a record,cassette and 8 track :)

1) RECORD: Catch bull at four - Cat Stevens (I also have the 8 track)
2) 8 TRACK: The best of Lou Reed
3) CASSETTE: Jimmy Sturr - Stuff-I-Fic Polkas

 Post subject: Re: What media did you last buy??
PostPosted: Aug Sat 03, 2019 8:22 pm 
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Joined: Sep Mon 18, 2017 2:23 am
Posts: 7208
Location: Plymouth, MI
Jazz 33's, Jelly Roll Morton, great old stuff.


Museum Curator

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Aug Fri 09, 2019 7:14 pm 
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Joined: Oct Mon 05, 2009 10:14 am
Posts: 419
I got these yesteday :)

1) RECORD: 3 Polka 78s
2) RECORD: KTEL - Music Express
3) 8 TRACK: Van Morrison - Veedon Fleece
4) RECORD: The Beatles - St Peppers lonely hearts club band - MONO

I couldnt believe they had this priced at five dollars and its mono!!!!!!! (The stereo one was THIRTY dollars)

It sounds goregous!!!!!!! (As mono does) -- I have the stereo one also and this just blows it away!!!

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Nov Fri 15, 2019 9:30 am 
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Joined: Oct Mon 05, 2009 10:14 am
Posts: 419
On thursday I got 2 records and 2 8 tracks :)

1) RECORD: Doris Days Greatest hits (MONO)
2) RECORD: The beatles - Rubber Soul (MONO)
3) 8 TRACK: Dick clark: 20 years of rock and roll
4) 8 TRACK: Neil Diamonds Greatest hits

 Post subject: Re: What media did you last buy??
PostPosted: Nov Fri 15, 2019 3:43 pm 
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Joined: Dec Sun 01, 2013 4:10 pm
Posts: 9571
Location: Long Island NY
I did a record purchase from a closed store. 450 NOS 78's from 1910-1950 400 more used...

Here is the list! Not a short one either, lol...

Record box 1
Perfect. Mexicali rose, dream.
Diva. I’m afraid of you, laugh clown laugh.
Copely the hills of glenseilly, The rose of Morey.
Aladdin. Blazers boogie, baby don’t you cry.
Kapp Night wild, wanting you.
Deluxe. Take it away, jealousy.
Celtic. Three little drummers, Little Judy.
Stark. Keep smiling at trouble, will you remember me.
Symphony concert record. My heart is with you tonight, that’s what the Rose said to me.
OKeh. Goodbye little darling goodbye, when I’m gone you will soon forget.
Varsity. Johnny is messing round, she had to go and lose it at the Astor.
Music appreciation records. Anetras dance, lieberstraum.
Crown. I want to dream by the old Mill Stream, sleepy Hollow.
OKEH. Sweethearts or strangers, you are the light of my life.
Davis. I’m glad I waited for you, seems like old times.
Glenside. Cottage by the Lee, pretty little Galway girl.
Glenside. Mountains of Pomeroy, Micheal Dwyer and his mountain men.
Masterpiece,. Wine women and song, Vienna bonbons.
Specialty. T town twist, I have news for you.
King. Wishing well, sentimental heaven.
2. Groove. Love is strange, I’m going home.
Robin. Be true, oh where.
Copley. My own dear Galway Bay, father Murphy of Boulavouge..
Celebrity. Without a song, I’m falling in love with someone.
ARA. That’s what I like about the south, brazen little reason.
Harmony. my Sunday girl, you’ll never be missed 100 years from now.
Tennessee. Rainbow, ragtime melody.
Gennett. All over nothing at all, Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean.
Gennett. You can’t be a good little fellow, spring is here.
Music craft. I’m in love with two sweethearts, blue.
Music craft. After all this time, Ill see you in my dreams.
Music craft. Our girl is like a melody, are used to love you.
Music craft. Besame Mucho, Come back to Sorrento.
Actuelle. Love bird, the legend.
Actuelle. You ought to see my baby, Scandinavia.
cameo. Look for the happy ending, cut yourself a piece of cake.
Cameo. Serenade, souvenir.
Banner. Neapolitan lights, I always knew.
Diner. I wish there was a wireless to heaven, in the little red school house.
Banner. Runaway baby, I’m just a vagabond lover.
Banner. I love me, Carolina mammy.
Banner. Bang on your tambourine, Barney google.

3. Vocalion. Song of the open road, a bird in a gilded cage.
Same. Where was I, my wonderful one that’s dance.
same. Open your arms my Alabammy, Fuzzy Wuzzy bird.
Same. High brown blues, Georgia.
Same. Calm as the night, baby.
Same. Boo-hoo Hoo, On the gin gin Ginny shore.
Same. Mama loves Papa, dancin Dan.
Same. Say it while dancing, blue.
Same. DA DA Darling, don’t forget.
Same. You know you belong to somebody else, love sends a little gift of roses.
Same. Song of India, dear old southland.
Same. Wholl take my place, Georgette.
Same. Stumbling, lovable eyes.
Mercury. My bolero, through a long and sleepless night.
Same. Jazz at the Philharmonic, Jazz at the Philharmonic two.
Same. We kiss in a shadow, hello young lovers.
Same. These things I offer you, Mr. and Mississippi.
Same. Father father, the Lords prayer.
Same. My truly truly fair, my life so desire.
4. Capital Black label. Here you are, cow cow buggy.
Capital. There was a fellow waiting in Poughkeepsie, accentuate the positive.
Capital. Symphony, day by day.
Capital. They didn’t believe me, Riffette.
Capital. Bellbottom trousers, I cried for you.
Capital. You were never lovelier, traveling light.
Capital. The Patty cake man, invitation to the blues.
Capital. A friend of yours, on the sunny side of the street.
Capital Purple label. I hate to lose you, on a slow boat to China.
Capital. It worries me, when I stop loving you.
Capital. Honky-tonk girl, we’ve gone too far.
Capital. Am I a toy or a treasure, fortune in dreams.
Capital. Sentimental fool, I love the sunshine of your smile.
Capital. Walking and whistling blues, how high the moon.
Capital. Better luck next time, roses of picardy.
5. Epic. Unchained melody, from here to eternity.
Epic. Memories of you, tear down the fence.
(4)Epic. Theresa, no more.
Epic. Cuban love Song, without a song.
(2) epic. If you are but a dream, I believe.
Epic. Growing up, I take this man.
Epic. Forgive this fool, you wanted to change me.
(2) epic., If I loved you, so let there be love.
Epic. The ace in the hole, Charlie my boy.
Bluebird. Copenhagen, softly as in a morning sunrise.
Bluebird. Table truckin, up the chimney girl my dreams.
Bluebird. Sierra Sue, moments in the Moonlight.
Bluebird. Moonlight sonata, slumber song.
Bluebird. A penthouse for rent, scatter brain.
6. (5) Dot. Joy ride, melody of love.
(3)Dot. Happy days and lonely nights, if I didn’t have you.
(2)DOT. Time waits for no one, you try somebody else.
(3)DOT. Darlin’, Frivolette.
DOT. Rock love, you are mine.
DOT. Put me in the mood, most of all.
DOT. The waltz you saved for me, Billy Vaughn’s boogie.
DOT. Baby o mine, Silver Moon.
DOT. Bless your heart, hearts of stone.
DOT. Bettina, If I didn’t care.
7. Sonora. Easy USA, I didn’t mean a word I said.
Sonora. Little town in old county down, rose of Tralee.
Emerson. Cohn on his honeymoon, Cohan’s wedding.
Emerson. He always goes farther than father, I’m saving up my dough for Rae and me.
Emerson. You’d be surprised, nobody knows.
Emerson. They’re all sweeties, I’ve got my captain working for me now.
Emerson. When Frances dances with me, I’ve got my habits on.
Emerson. Show me the way, you and die.
Emerson. If you see that gal of mine send her home, I’ll see you in my dreams.
Emerson. Chromatic foxtrot, made the pyramids.
Majestic. Come rain or come shine, pickle in the middle.
Majestic. Just a sittin a Rockin, Hurry home.
(3) Majestic. Go on home your mothers callin, There are two sides to every girl.
Majestic. I want to thank your folks, too many times.
Majestic. The girl that I marry, you are everything to me.
Majestic. Concert in the park, Henny Penny.
Majestic. There are two sides to every girl. Felicia no capicia,
Majestic.The white cliffs of Dover.
8. Blue Decca. I can wiggle my ears, everything’s in rhythm with my heart.
Deca. My prayer, south of the border.
Deca. They ought to write a book about you, Cecilia.
Deca. A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square, If I should fall in love again.
Decca. I’m sorry for myself, I poured my heart into a song.
Decca. Renita Bonita, underneath a palm beach moon.
Deca. The weekend of a private secretary, Stop and reconsider.
Deca. Blues in the night, blues in the night two.
Deca. Ferry boat serenade, on the summary summery day.
Deca. Casa Loma stomp, For you.
Decca. The gay 90s part five, the gay 90s part six.
9. Decca. Sweet Leilani, blue Hawaii.
Decca. Tangerine, everything I love.
Deca. At a perfume counter, love walked in.
Deca. Bar Babble, Aurora.
BLACK Decca. I like to riff, shady lady.
Decca. I’ll never make the same mistake again, I can’t stand losing you.
Decca. McNabbs a jolly sailor, in the mornin.
Deca. You’ll never know, wait for me mary.
Deca. If you were the only girl, home.
Decca reconversion blues, salt pork West Virginia.
Decca. Dark eyes, maybe you’ll be there.
Deca. Years and years ago, this is always.
Deca. Give me a little kiss will you huh, Oh what it seemed to be.
Decker. I’m afraid to love you, you broke the only heart that ever loved you.
Deca. A shawl of Galway gray, when it’s moonlight in Mayo.
Deca. The iniskilling dragoon, The girls of Colerain.
Deca. On the banks of my own lovely Lee, the green bushes.
Deca. The garden of daisies, the rocky road to Dublin.
Deca. The Irish brigade, Tipperary far away.
Deca.Molly Brown, Mickey Hickey’s band.
Deca. Let Erin remember, The soldiers song
10. Black decca continued. Dever the dance Connie the soldier, Collen will Rogers favorite happy days of you.
Decker. An Irishman‘s gift to the ladies, Londonberrie hornpipe.
Deca. Hame o mine, Long ago when there were sweethearts.
Decker. Frankie and Johnny, I’m my own grandpa.
Decca. Babes in the woods the little green cottage, the humors of Bandon.
Deca. The victory walk, things ain’t what they used to be.
Decca. Besamme Mucho, my ideal.
Deca. This is always, Willow Road.
Decker. I’ll never make the same mistake again, I can’t stand losing you.
Deca. Java jive, do I worry.
Deca. Dude ranch serenade, wrong train.
Decker. Oh what it seemed to be, give me a little kiss will you huh.
Deca. For the first time, put your arms around me honey.
Decker. Cuddle up a little closer lovely mine, Later tonight.
Deca. Underneath the arches, you call everybody darling.
Decca. Savoy, rock me.
Deca. Into each life some rain must fall, I’m making believe.
Decker. You made me love you, ma blushin Rosie.
Decca. Sonny boy, my mammy.
Deca. Where the river Shannon flows, did your mother come from Ireland.
Deca. Swinging on a star, going my way.
Deca. Choo-choo polka, Sentimental journey.
Deca. One meatball, rum and Coca-Cola. Deca. September song, begin the beguine.
Deca. Ebob o Lee bob, When the one you love.
Decker. Honey in the horn, organ grinders swing.
11. (5)London. Endless, the finger of suspicion.
(5)London. Our heaven on earth, my son my son.
(2)London. Longing, lazy gondolier.
London.Cara Mia, how when or where.
London. In the mood, skokiaan.
London. Chained to a melody, tears on my pillow.
London. The bandit, the secret of our love.
London. Side-by-side, underneath the arches.
London. Auld lang syne, the perfect day.
London. Rock island line, John Henry.
London. Honey why can’t you be sweet to me, she wore a yellow ribbon.
London. Dickory dock, Baia.
London. Too much tempo in my rumba beat, the wedding samba.
London. My love loves me, rock-a-bye ranch.
London. Baby won’t you please come home, don’t cry Joe.
London. Nearest thing to Heaven, break my heart.
London. The chowder social, oh Pedro.
London. Shoo the Little fly away, Cuca.
London. The café Mozart waltz, the third man theme.

Record box 2
12. (2)MGM. By my side, I dim café.
(5) MGM. Taras theme, Jamie.
(6) MGM. When you come of age, every time you tell me you love me.
(5) MGM. In the garden of roses, every day.
(2) MGM. You are my everything, you are nearer.
MGM. Mama don’t cry at my wedding, pa pa Pa.
MGM. Where is that someone for me, the moment I saw you.
(2) MGM. Maybe next time, am I in love.
MGM. Cruising down the river, powder your face with sunshine.
MGM. There is no greater love, heartaches.
MGM. A ghost of a chance, down by the station.
MGM. Stardust, Panama.
MGM. Alabama Jubilee, paddlin Madelin home.
MGM. This is my confession, how important can it be.
MGM. Always you, that was my heart you heard.
MGM. You’re fooling someone, my love my love.
MGM. There should be rules, strangers.
MGM. When you wish upon a star, is this the end of the line.
(2)MGM. And so I walked home, Joey.
13. Columbia. I used to love you but it’s all over now, no wonder I’m blue.
(2)Columbia. The sheik, weep no more.
Columbia. Feather your nest, grieving for you.
Columbia. They’re all sweeties, sweet kisses.
Columbia. Ruspana, sweet Siamese.
Columbia. Take it easy, come back to Georgia.
Columbia. In the gloaming, A young man’s fancy.
Columbia. Blue Danube blues, Kahlúa.
Columbia. The love nest, song of the orient.
Columbia. Don’t take away those blues, goodbye Dixie goodbye.
Columbia. Jean, what a day that’ll be.
Columbia. I’ll see you in Cuba, the moon shines on the moon shine.
Columbia. Blues of Monterey, Chile be?.
Columbia. And that ain’t all, oh how she can sing.
Columbia. Hawaiian breeze, kawaihau waltz.
Columbia. Hawaiian, songs from Hawaii.
Columbia. The pickaninnies Paradise, everything is peaches Down in Georgia.
Columbia. I found the end of the rainbow, kisses.
Columbia. I’m looking for a bluebird, sweet cookie.
Columbia. Railroad blues, shake your little shoulder.
Columbia. When we meet in the sweet bye and bye, After you’ve gone.
Columbia. Margie, Broadway rose.
Columbia. Goodbye sunshine hello moon, silver water.
Columbia. Arlene must be heaven for my mother came from there, out of the cradle.
Columbia. On Wisconsin, Milwaukee light guard. Columbia. Full o pep.
Columbia. Beela boola, toddle.
Columbia. Rosie, you want to see my baby.
Columbia. Remember me, happy hottentot.
Columbia. Fandango, pebbles.
Columbia Greene. Love her come back to me, softly as in the morning sunrise.
Columbia. Gypsy blues, birds of a feather.
Columbia. Merci beaucoup, my Cairo love.


IMG_3650.JPG [ 292.01 KiB | Viewed 5180 times ]
IMG_3651.JPG [ 293.64 KiB | Viewed 5180 times ]
IMG_3652.JPG [ 242.36 KiB | Viewed 5180 times ]

I'm not a hoarder.. I am a collector of piles of stuff. :)
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