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 Post subject: Re: A reminder about Forum Rules
PostPosted: Jan Sun 13, 2019 9:13 pm 

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Please remember: Posting proposed transactions (offers to buy, sell, trade, give away, etc., etc.) are not allowed in the discussion forums which includes the Radio Clubhouse. These are considered ads which are not permitted as stated in each forum description on the Index Page.


A PM is your friend or you can post a WTB or FS ad in the Radio Classified section.


 Post subject: Re: A reminder about Forum Rules
PostPosted: Jan Mon 21, 2019 8:19 am 
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I always try to do follow the forum rules and regulations. This is also a forum for friends and family, you cannot include words which are offending or disrespect the rules of forum.


 Post subject: A reminder about Forum Rules
PostPosted: Jul Mon 15, 2019 12:57 am 
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"Profanity is the weak mind's way of expressing itself forcefully". I don't know who originated that phrase, but I like it. I wish I could claim authorship.

I come from primarily an oilfield background, and if there are any environments where crude language is more commonplace, I sure don't know where it is. When I opened my own shop, it took a bit of getting used to before I realized why my anxiety level and constant state of aggravation being so much lower was so. Even working in that harsh environment for so long, where even gender seemed to make no discernable difference, it always bothered me to hear it. I was raised by a minister, so of course that influenced me a great deal regarding my own language, but eventually I thought I was becoming accustomed to it. But when working along, I found that language was not part of even my mental vocabulary.

I've run G rated websites (full of machinists, and wanna-be's) and it's no small thing to get people to realize that not everyone is willing to tolerate such language, hidden or not. Or vulgar innuendo buried in humor. It's a thankless task for the most part, but I want Alan to know that I for one, and I know there are others here who certainly appreciate the great effort to keep this site decent. I know that there are some for whom such language is everyday speech, and for them to put effort into curtailing their language seems unnatural...but that is appreciated as well.

I don't hesitate in recommending this site as a family friendly source of good information, even though at times, some comments seem to borderline on condescending or belittling, or downright argumentative. Not often, the Mods and Alan have to step in, but in most cases, things seem to resolve themselves. This shouldn't be a real surprise, because most of the members are of the age to have wisdom enough to realize that arguing, particularly on the Internet, is generally fruitless. It just takes some longer to realize when they have passed that point in a discussion.

Overall, kudos to Alan and the Mod group for building and maintaining a civil environment. I know it's not easy, but it's worth the effort, and your effort shows

Most sincerely,
Tony Wells

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