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 Post subject: 60s or 70s tiny screen portable TV/AM/FM/Cassette
PostPosted: Apr Tue 07, 2020 2:34 am 

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Does anybody remember seeing or having (or may still have) a portable black cased with some chrome trim or knobs TV/AM/FM/cassette unit with a tiny, about 2-3" screen? I am remembering a unit like this that someone had when I was a kid in 1977 or so, and I am thinking that it was from the earlier 70s or the 60s. I am wanting to think it may have been a Sony, but it might have been JVC, Panasonic or another typical Japanese brand. The set might have been about 8" wide, 12" or so high, and about 10 or 12" deep, rectangular box shaped, mostly black with some chrome or silver colored parts on the front. The TV screen was quite square (little curvature of the CRT), probably masked off somewhat. I think it had the radio and TV knobs on the front, and a cassette door on the side (I believe the right side, or maybe it was on top? Or, maybe it was not cassette, just TV/radio? Anyway, I was intrigued by the tininess of the screen and yet was crystal clear, and would have been like a dream come true if I was to have one for myself, being able to use it away from an AC outlet, and my own personal viewing. The TV was black and white (of course). I am wanting to think it was early enough to be all discrete transistors, but perhaps may have had some ICs. Does anyone remember a model anything like this, and any chance that anyone may have one and have pictures? I know there were so many models of transistor combo radio/TV units from that time period, but this one was quite unique having such a small screen and the vertically standing case, rather than horizontal, like many were. I remember some later (late 70s/early 80s) 5" models that were vertically standing, in fact I have one Unisonic like that, but this one I am trying to remember was a quite a big square box for having such a little screen- reminiscent in a way to the 1940s TVs with big cabinets and relatively small screens.


 Post subject: Re: 60s or 70s tiny screen portable TV/AM/FM/Cassette
PostPosted: Apr Mon 20, 2020 10:11 pm 
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There were a number of portable TV/radio combos as you describe in the late 1970s, from many brands. I do not remember any with a cassette player, though, but maybe there were some.

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 Post subject: Re: 60s or 70s tiny screen portable TV/AM/FM/Cassette
PostPosted: Apr Tue 21, 2020 12:50 am 

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2-3" screens were the domain of Sinclair. Most were gifts for listening to a sales pitch, be it Time Shares, Waterfront Lots, or Multi-Level Marketing. When Dad closed his shop, he was up to 11 of the tiny Sinclairs, most with CRT issues - either shorts, or open filaments. ... 80&bih=870

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